1. Ezra’s Interlude / Chromeo (2014)

  2. A-Punk / live at Lollapalooza, Brasil 2014

  3. Vampire Weekend at Lollapalooza, full set / Argentina, 2014

  4. Ezra greeting fans outside the Ritz-Carlton / Chile, April 2014

  5. Un Lugar Llamado Mundo (live) / Vampire Weekend

  6. Charlie XCX Reveals She’s Recorded a Song with Rostam / SXSW 2014

  7. Step / live at The Artists Den 

  8. teamvampireweekend:

    Vampire Weekend posing with their Grammy for Best Alternative Music Album for ‘Modern Vampires of the City’ at the 56th Annual GRAMMY Awards

  9. Con te Partiro (cover) / Vampire Weekend, 2014

  10. Hey Ya Hey / Leigh Jones (2014)

    acoustic medley of Outkast’s Hey Ya vs. Vampire Weekend’s Ya Hey


  11. Producer Ariel Rechtshaid discusses working with Vampire Weekend on MVOTC:

    "Obviously, they can make records on their own, but they were looking for a reason to make another record. They were uninspired by [the idea of] giving people what they [would] expect. We’d played together when I was in [folk-rock band] Foreign Born. Rostam [Batmanglij] and I started working on his solo material and we had a nice fluid working relationship so when he got stuck with Vampire Weekend, he brought Ezra [Koenig] to LA and we connected as well.

    "I’d just been in Jamaica with Snoop and I was inspired by nyabinghi drumming, so we did that kind of groove on Obvious Bicycle.

    "Diane Young was a good one. We had been working on beautiful down-tempo songs and I felt that the record was missing some high-energy stuff. I’d heard the demo of Diane Young but they’d dismissed it as a boring rockabilly song, so I asked to have a go at it. Rostam and I tag-team: we each take the files and work on them for a while. The vocal processing in the chorus was something that I did and played for them and they were completely weirded out by it, and so was I. I like to get freaked out and sit with it for a while, and if it doesn’t feel totally wrong I would rather take a chance on it than not.

    Ya Hey was another song they were dismissing, and I was fighting hard for it. They couldn’t make sense of it. It took a lot of different arrangements before we finally got it right. Pretty much anyone would say there’s shouting matches but it’s not about ego or anything except conviction about the music, so I don’t think anyone’s feelings get hurt.”

  12. Diane Young (a capella cover) / live in Philadelphia, by Broad Street Line

  13. Mansard Roof (acoustic) / live on MTV’s Spanking New Session, 2008

  14. Diane Young (acoustic) / live on Endsessions, 2013


  15. Vampire Weekend’s new cover of Andrea Bocelli’s Con Te Partiro will be released on February 4, 2014